Creative Content: An Astronaut’s Guide to Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to creating sharp, original and persuasive consumer content, thinking outside the box is key. Obviously, more often than not, this is easier said than done.

As a successful Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield has to spend his life thinking outside the box while carefully considering every move he makes in a methodical manner as in his line of work, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Here is one from a series of ISS based videos from the man himself doing the most mundane of things but in a completely alien environment. In this one, he is brushing his teeth…

The lesson learned here simple – sit back, approach things from outside your comfort zone, appreciate the finer details and always sweat the small stuff.

Brushing one’s teeth on planet earth is generally considered a tedious routine chore, but with a lack of gravity, it’s a problem to be solved. By tackling a familiar task in an unfamiliar way and applying this mindset to tackling creative problems, it is possible to achieve tremendous results.

So, next time you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for your next content project, think about Chris brushing his teeth – I guarantee it will help!


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