Suffering from a creative block? Try these techniques on for size

If you’re an ideas person, running out of them can seem disastrous. A creative block is a pain in the proverbial backside, it can almost feel mentally crippling. But there are ways to overcome a creative block.

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The first thing to say on the subject is: if you’re suffering from a creative block, don’t panic. Obviously, that’s easier said than done but do try. If you don’t, any chances of getting your creative cogs turning again will be minimal. Which brings me onto my first subject…

Step away and clear your head

This might sound like a given, but when a creative block occurs, so many people tend to overlook the virtues of stepping away from the situation and cleansing your mind. You can do this by…

  • Going for a long, leisurely stroll accompanied by music
  • Take a swim and sauna
  • Meditate
  • Have a chin wag and a couple of drinks with a pal (try not to overdo it!)
  • Try jogging
  • Bash the living daylights of a punchbag in a gym

Do one of these, do three, do them all. The point is, by doing something completely unrelated to your work or project and exerting some positive energy, your panic will subside and your mind will feel supple and ready to get those creative cogs turning once again.

Go somewhere unfamiliar

Now, you don’t have to do an Alan Partridge and drive all the way to Dundee in your bare feet (or somewhere of an equivalent distance if you happen to live in Dundee), but by stepping into a place, area or town you’re not particularly familiar with, your brain will start to process the new details around you, which will, in turn, serve to re-energise you in unexpected ways, quite possibly leading to the spark of inspiration you’ve been searching for.

Craft a new routine

Okay, sticking to a rigid routine may sound like the anti-Christ of creativity, but more often than not, it actually assists the creative process. Despite your block, making sure your day is balanced with exercise, fresh air, some social interaction, repetitive clerical tasks and a little time to absorb web content, books, music and articles, you will find your motivation increases and your mind gets into a real groove. Once your mind is firing on all cylinders and everything around you is relativity well organised, you’ll be free and focused, leaving you more headspace for all those brilliant creative thoughts, ideas and actions.

Finally, you need to persist. Creativity and ideation is an unconscious process and by turning up, logging on, brainstorming and keeping your mind active, your creative block will lift – and when it does, the floodgates will open. So, don’t worry about – go for a stroll, have a beer – tomorrow’s a new day.

Eating healthy will also assist you with your creativity. Eat these brain foods every day and you’ll become a creative genius in no time.




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