Working from home? These 7 quick tips will keep you from distraction

Focus on the page. 

You want to look away, don’t you? You want to pop a little Netflix on and have another piece of toast or your sixth coffee of the day, don’t you?


Perhaps you want to have a glance at that smartphone burning a hole in the corner of your eyeball or flip the tab on your laptop and have a gander at Facebook?

Well, whatever your non-work-based intentions, it’s understandable: working from home can be distracting after all.

Lucky for you, I have a few quick tips on staying focused while working at home catered to the contemporary attention span.

Without further ado, here they are…

Creative block ideas

One. Desingnate one productive work zone that you know you’ll stick to, and stay there.

Two. Make your space vibrant and filled with items or images that will make you feel happy – boosting your morale will help you stay motivated on the task at hand.

Three. Use digital calendars and tick lists to plan your day and follow your plans. Doing so will help you maintain a consistent timeline, leaving less time for distraction.

Four. Get a mini fridge to keep next to your desk and make sure all of your food or snacks for the day are close at hand: this will reduce your temptation to walk to the kitchen every five minutes. Brain foods will help too.

Five. Step away from your screen once every hour and a half and do what you like for 10 minutes: play the guitar, browse eBay, enjoy a brisk stroll – whatever makes you tick. Regular breaks will help you stay on the ball and stop you from distracting yourself when you’re actually working.

Six. Reward yourself for good behaviour. Every time you stick to a milestone during your day without getting distracted, give yourself a little treat. Incentives like this aren’t just for kids, they’re for home workers too.

Seven. Don’t stay in your PJs. Get up, get showered, dress for success and eat a good breakfast. Starting your day off on the wrong foot will put you on the fast-track to distraction street and lethargy boulevard. So get dressed for goodness sake.

I hope these quick tips will serve to help you in your remote working quest. And for more productive pearls of wisdom (apparently), read these tips on overcoming creative block.

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