Don’t worry about resolutions, get mentally lean for 2018

Personally, I’ve never been for formal New Year’s Resolutions; I’ve never stuck to them for long.

Instead, when a New Year dawns, I like to make a slightly new tweak to my mindset and motivations, meaning that if I decide to change a thing or two, I do it naturally, moderately or gradually.

I suppose it’s a little like if you went on a celery soup diet to lose epic amounts of weight in a matter of weeks for a wedding. Not only do you end up hungry, weak, and miserable, but after the wedding, you’ll end up packing on the pounds as fast as you’ve shed them.

For me, personally, New Year’s resolutions are much the same.

So, instead, I just make a small tweak here or there, rather than deny myself something, or beat myself up about it – life is short I don’t want to lead the life of a Trappist monk.

That said, here is a curated roundup of useful and entertaining articles on the subject for your viewing pleasure – enjoy.

5 anti-New Year’s resolutions to add to your ‘to don’t’ list In 2018 on Sporte Luxe (@SPORTELUXE on Twitter)


A positive guide to negotiating your way through the anti-resolution mindset, this light-hearted and digestible read will help you let go of those negative hangups and get this year off to a roaring start. With tips advising you against comparing yourself to others, trying to please everyone and needing permission, this is a must-read if article if you’re looking to get mentally lean for 2018.

Read the full article here.

Why I don’t do New Year’s resolutions on Wit & Delight (@witanddelight on Twitter)


Written by Julie Rybarczyk, this, I dare say – delightful – work of prose is one of the best New Year based personal essays I’ve read in a long while. It offers a frank and interesting look at what resolutions really mean – or their worth – and why, in a formal sense, they might not be the best idea.

Read the full article here.

Family of a dying 27-year-old woman shares her life advice in a heartbreaking letter on The Metro (@MetroUK on Twitter)

Family of a dying 27-year-old woman shares her life advice in a heartbreaking letter


This is the version covered by The Metro, but the outlet of this particular subject is irrelevant; it’s the content written by 27-year-old Holly Butcher that really counts.

By consuming this heart-breaking yet incredibly wise letter, you will stop in your tracks, re-evaluate a few things and understand that you mustn’t take a single thing for granted. This really is essential reading.

Read the full article here.

I hope these articles have served to get you in the right mindset for 2018 – and keep your eyes peeled for more from my curated catchy content series.


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