The Geist D i Hughes

I’m looking for writers for my new publication, The Geist

Recently, I announced the launch of my new publication, The Geist. And now I’m looking for writers.

An exploration of all things storytelling and an ongoing celebration of words, I’m looking to expand the reach of The Geist in 2020, filling it with an extensive library of original musings from a wide range of diverse voices.

So, if you’re a bit of a wordsmith with something to say, please do get in touch and pitch me some ideas. With The Geist, I’m looking to offer unique value and subversive entertainment—so as long as your idea is something to do with the power of words or the cultural significance of storytelling, I’d love to hear it.

Case studies, bizarre explorations of common phrases, political rants, sub-cultural references, fiction, comedy excerpts, personal essays, data-driven studies…and pretty much anything else you can think of, it’s welcome hereso get in touch and start pitching.

The Geist D I Hughes content writer

As a publication very much in its infancy, I’m looking to forge long-term relationships with writers and build something that’s worth reading. While I can’t pay the Earth at the momentI will pay all writers something per article (I’m a fellow working writer, so I’m not in the business for asking people to do things for nothing)—and as things progress, I hope to offer more formal positions as well as higher rates of compensation.

If you’re interested in expressing your opinion, having your voice heard, and being part of building something from the ground up, explore the publication, drop me a line, and we’ll get things started.



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