Marketing action words to power up your content

Whether you’re crafting an email, writing a blog post or telling your brand story, your words matter.

To engage your reader and command attention, using the right words at the right time is essential.

When it comes to copywriting, certain words pack a powerful punch and as such, prompt action or evoke emotion. These are known as marketing action words.

Cramming your content with action words won’t necessarily make your content perform well. But, by taking the time to absorb these terms and understanding when to use them for maximum impact, you’re likely to see a big old spike in engagement (and ultimately, conversions).

I know you’re probably busy, so I won’t waffle on for long. I’ll simply leave you with this glossary of powerful marketing action words (use them as you wish):

To make a compelling promise…


  • Pledge
  • Guarantee
  • Sale
  • Unconditional


To create a sense of urgency…


  • Now
  • Quick
  • Soon
  • Hurry
  • Last
  • Second
  • Limited
  • Expires


To create a sense of exclusivity…


  • Rare
  • Limited
  • Unique
  • Few
  • Exotic
  • Authentic
  • Rare
  • Limited


To inspire motivation…


  • Remarkable
  • Extraordinary
  • Amazing
  • Startling
  • Magic
  • Sensational
  • Miracle
  • Improvement
  • Learn
  • You


To tickle curiosity…


  • Accouncement
  • Running
  • Deal
  • Introducing
  • Offer
  • Compare
  • Challenge
  • Wanted
  • Discover
  • Release
  • Launch


I hope this glossary of marketing action words will help you power up your copywriting efforts and if you’d like any guidance on how to use them for maximum impact, please get in touch. I’ll be happy to help.

For more writing insights, check out Charle’s Bukowski’s ‘so, you want to be a writer?’ is a must-read for budding wordsmiths.


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