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Making your content more accessible (infographic)

Recently, I gained a content design qualification. During the course, I connected with a section based on a subject very close to my heart—accessibility.

My beautiful son, Sidney, is autistic. In the past few years, as I’ve learned more about neurodiversity, bonded with my son, and become a SEND advocate, I’m beginning to understand just how vital accessibility and inclusion is in this world.

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Marketing action words to power up your content

Whether you’re crafting an email, writing a blog post or telling your brand story, your words matter.

To engage your reader and command attention, using the right words at the right time is essential.

When it comes to copywriting, certain words pack a powerful punch and as such, prompt action or evoke emotion. These are known as marketing action words.

Cramming your content with action words won’t necessarily make your content perform well. But, by taking the time to absorb these terms and understanding when to use them for maximum impact, you’re likely to see a big old spike in engagement (and ultimately, conversions).

I know you’re probably busy, so I won’t waffle on for long. I’ll simply leave you with this glossary of powerful marketing action words (use them as you wish):

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Don’t worry about resolutions, get mentally lean for 2018

Personally, I’ve never been for formal New Year’s Resolutions; I’ve never stuck to them for long.

Instead, when a New Year dawns, I like to make a slightly new tweak to my mindset and motivations, meaning that if I decide to change a thing or two, I do it naturally, moderately or gradually. Continue reading

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The potholes of freelancing

The alarm goes off and you put it on snooze 10 times before watching a little breakfast TV and answering a few emails from the comfort of your bed. This spills into lunchtime and after you’ve watched your second instalment of Jeremy Kyle (a great self-esteem booster) you think you’re ready to log on and churn out some serious work. Continue reading

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A Quick Look at Google HQ

Google. I doubt there’s anyone on this planet who has access to even the most basic of technology without this word cemented into their vocabulary!

Since its humble beginnings in 1996, Google has transformed into one of the world’s most powerful, popular, innovative and relied upon entities, with a whopping 2 billion searches logged per day worldwide.

Aside it’s overall expansion, with offerings such as the user friendly Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Earth, Docs, Nexus devices, Chromebook and most recently, Chromecast on its extensive menu, Google work their proverbial nuts off every year to improve their user experience when it comes to search – after all, that’s what the company was founded upon!

Content is King!

Every year, Google updates its algorithm to ensure users get rich and informative information based on their search terms without having to filter through the junk, and that means to rank well, you are required to produce top quality content on a variety of integrated platforms (these topics will be covered in greater detail at a later date!). Gone are the days when you use cheap black hat SEO tricks to climb to the top of the SERPS!

So, what’s it like to work in such a powerful, unique and ever-evolving web mogul? Like you, I can only really imagine, but to give you a taste of life at Google, here’s a little tour of their HQ…

Well, I wouldn’t mind spending some time at the Google campus. It seems like a pretty cool place to work to say the least.!

If you had a huge budget to design your own offices, what would you do?

Image: keso via Flickr

Creative Content: An Astronaut’s Guide to Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to creating sharp, original and persuasive consumer content, thinking outside the box is key. Obviously, more often than not, this is easier said than done.

As a successful Canadian Astronaut, Chris Hadfield has to spend his life thinking outside the box while carefully considering every move he makes in a methodical manner as in his line of work, this could mean the difference between life and death.

Here is one from a series of ISS based videos from the man himself doing the most mundane of things but in a completely alien environment. In this one, he is brushing his teeth…

The lesson learned here simple – sit back, approach things from outside your comfort zone, appreciate the finer details and always sweat the small stuff.

Brushing one’s teeth on planet earth is generally considered a tedious routine chore, but with a lack of gravity, it’s a problem to be solved. By tackling a familiar task in an unfamiliar way and applying this mindset to tackling creative problems, it is possible to achieve tremendous results.

So, next time you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for your next content project, think about Chris brushing his teeth – I guarantee it will help!