Not Every Room Has a View (and other projects)

Serially published on UK-based arts, music, fashion and subculture publication, Noctis Magazine, I have made the story in its entirety available here, for free, with a bonus tale, for anyone who would like an eCopy (go on, click on the cover, you know you want to).

Not Every Room Has a View D I Hughes

Samuel Jacks floats through his days, venting a deep hatred for his hometown to no one but himself, looking after his sick Aunty Mags, smoking endless piles of roll-ups, and making token efforts to write a novel that he’s probably never going to start, let alone finish.

One day, his fleeting existence is flipped sideways when an old adolescent flame, Daisy, returns to the estate, digging up buried emotions and unlocking a barrage of unwanted baggage.

Upon reconnecting with Daisy, Sam’s world begins to unravel at an alarming rate, sending him on a journey that will force him to face his most putrid fears.

Part thriller, part social commentary, and part oddball misadventure, this epic tale of everything, and nothing, includes encounters with a sinister postman, ham factory blunders, burning yet mysterious romances, dank pubs, secret ales societies, unworldly radio DJs, a big old hazy climax, and the general obscenities of a confused, mind bent young soul—hold on tight.

Happy reading and if you’d like a print copy, drop me an email and I’ll make arrangements.