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literary interlude

Another literary interlude

You’re heading towards the latter part of the week and you’ve been churning out more words than you care to count. If your brain is scrambled and you’re in need of a literary break to refresh the creative palette, here is a little distraction for your viewing pleasure – this time courtesy of a Mr Charles Bukowski… Continue reading

tales of metamorphosis

Must read tales of metamorphosis

The word metamorphosis derives from the Greek (or Latin) word metamorphoun, which essentially means to transform.

In nature, many creatures transform from one entity to another in their lifetime. Caterpillars turn to butterflies; tadpoles morph into frogs; locusts can turn from solitary to gregarious (changing colour in the process) and sea urchins shift from larvae to spiky crawlers by essentially devouring themselves.

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1984 facts

4 things you didn’t know about Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell needs no introduction.

Undoubtedly, one of his most prolific pieces of literary work has to be dystopian masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

For those who haven’t read it, I recommend getting yourself a copy; for those who have read it, here are four things you may not already know about George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

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Introducing…Flash in the Pan: Sticks Like Glue

An announcement:

Flash Fiction is a big passion of mine and as a result, I’ve made a small audio anthology of some of my work…

Flash in the Pan: Sticks Like Glue is the first of three volumes in this audio book mini-series – and if you’ve got 20 minutes or so to spare in the shower, car, tube, subway or while walking to the shops – it’s most definitely worth a try! Continue reading

Flash Fiction

Flash Corner: The Smoking Area

As a huge fan of Flash Fiction, I’d like to share some of my own work, and encourage others to do so too.

As a result of this, I have launched Flash Corner for the time being, this will be an integral part of the Catchy Content Blog, however, next year I’m looking to make it a full time blog and entertaining literary resource.

So, to kick things off, here is a piece of Flash Fiction simply titled The Smoking Area…

He blew a smoke ring which spiralled into the air and merged with the wall of grey above his head.

He looked down at his feet, then out at the pane of glass that separated the smokers from the rest of airport’s thriving activity, he was alone but he wasn’t happy.

Through the haze of the smoking tank, he could make out lots of people in their various costumes, doing various things and going to various places, all for various reasons.

Stalked legged stewardesses wheeled their cases proudly to their vessels; rotund mothers chastised their kids for dragging their heels; yuppies glanced at their phones with sour faces, and moist eyed singletons marched in sorrow to their respective gates. Everyone had somewhere to go. Everyone had an agenda and all the while, he just stood there watching. He lit up one more and inhaled deep.

He only had a few minutes until he had to move on himself, and used them to puff and think. Thinking about his children made his palms sweaty and say to himself “what must they think of their old man?” to which the answer was “a real piece of crap”

They hadn’t been in his life for a good five years but he knew they were better off without him and would be doing well at school. He didn’t carry a picture in his wallet – their faces were firmly printed in the back of his mind should he ever wish to see them.

He stubbed out his cigarette and as he picked up his stuff, wondered if he would actually pluck up the courage to go and visit them. He opened the door, let the cloud out into the terminal and in doing so, picked up his broom and went back to work.

By Daniel I Hughes

I hope you enjoyed the story. If you are a writer of Flash or Short Fiction and would like to be considered for Flash Corner, please drop us a line via our inquiry form with your name, a short bio and your work included in the body of the email.