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How to Write

How to Write: 5 Invaluable Quotes from Real Wordsmiths

The written word is an incredibly valuable component when it comes to expressing thoughts and feelings, sharing experiences, creating vivid scenes, describing situations, selling things…the list goes on.

Putting words together isn’t something that always comes easy, even to the most gifted writers among us, and often when we try to express ourselves through text, the words don’t necessarily come out as eloquently as we would like.

How to Write

So, if you are currently struggling to tackle a tough literary project, perhaps these little pearls of wisdom (or at the very least, bold statements) will offer you the inspiration you need to put pen to paper (so to speak) and achieve the results you are craving…

To produce a mighty book, you must choose a mighty theme.

Herman Melville

To gain your own voice, you have to forget about it being heard.

Allen Ginsberg

If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood

Peter Handke

Style is to forget all styles

Jules Renard

If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it

Elmore Leonard

Okay, these quotes may not completely change your life or exactly tell you how to write, but hopefully, they’ve given you the gusto to review your current work, get stuck in and attack it with a brand new attitude – good luck!

If you have any tips or advice to offer those struggling with how to write, please leave your comments here.

Images: Juliette  and Tempus Volat via Flickr

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‘Must Reads’: Five Excellent Online Publications

The internet is a wonderfully accessible thing. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, budding actress, a small business owner, journalist or simply someone with an opinion you’re bursting to share with the world, it gives the platform to get out there and share information with the world. While this is truly wonderful for many reasons, it does also come with a niggling side effect…

Everyone becomes an expert! With the ability to publish posts and web content as easy as ABC, there unfortunately does sometimes tend to be a lot of monotonous junk and garbage to trawl through to get an informative and entertaining read. But never fear, here are five different but equally noteworthy online publications which are well worth taking a look at…

Litro Magazine

This slick and visually appealing online (and print!) literary mag is packed full of very current, provocative and well-crafted prose from the world’s best upcoming writers and if you’re a budding author, you can submit your own work based on a striking monthly theme.

Career Addict

Powered by online recruitment assistants Find Employment, Career Addict is a web publication which is dedicated to giving young professionals help, assistance and advice when it comes to the murky and occasionally baffling world of work. Boasting an broad range of writers, this online publication offers a huge amount of variety and as well as being an educational resource, is very fun to browse.


This nifty little publication packs a massive punch and its general tone is fast, furious and full of attitude! Covering anything from shockingly explicit travelling misadventures to obscure dance music reviews, VICE is extremely entertaining and tailor made for this weird and wonderful modern age!


IdeasMag really is the definitive resource and networking platform for creative types and its tone of voice is very unique. Offering very insightful ‘How To’ guides and interviews on a whole host of different (mainly focused around art, graphics, literature and music) subjects, as well as humorous articles by their resident columnists, IdeasMag makes for a very addictive, very quality read.

Moon Project

With the look and feel of an online newspaper, Moon Project provides writers of all levels and abilities the chance to showcase their talents, hence its eclectic nature. Offering fresh and interesting takes on hard-hitting current affairs, off-beat conceptual pieces and everything in between, it’s easy to spend a good few hours on this site!

So if you’re looking for something with a little substance, take some time to trawl through these great online publications – just try not to get too hooked!

What are your favourite online reads?