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A Quick Look at Google HQ

Google. I doubt there’s anyone on this planet who has access to even the most basic of technology without this word cemented into their vocabulary!

Since its humble beginnings in 1996, Google has transformed into one of the world’s most powerful, popular, innovative and relied upon entities, with a whopping 2 billion searches logged per day worldwide.

Aside it’s overall expansion, with offerings such as the user friendly Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Earth, Docs, Nexus devices, Chromebook and most recently, Chromecast on its extensive menu, Google work their proverbial nuts off every year to improve their user experience when it comes to search – after all, that’s what the company was founded upon!

Content is King!

Every year, Google updates its algorithm to ensure users get rich and informative information based on their search terms without having to filter through the junk, and that means to rank well, you are required to produce top quality content on a variety of integrated platforms (these topics will be covered in greater detail at a later date!). Gone are the days when you use cheap black hat SEO tricks to climb to the top of the SERPS!

So, what’s it like to work in such a powerful, unique and ever-evolving web mogul? Like you, I can only really imagine, but to give you a taste of life at Google, here’s a little tour of their HQ…

Well, I wouldn’t mind spending some time at the Google campus. It seems like a pretty cool place to work to say the least.!

If you had a huge budget to design your own offices, what would you do?

Image: keso via Flickr