The Geist D I Hughes content writer

Announcement: My new blog space, The Geist

As I’ve been snowed with various content writing-based commitments over the past 12 months or so, I’ve had little dedicate to this blog. Sorry for the radio silence.

While I’ll still be publishing here occasionally with news, updates, and insights, I’ll be placing my main focus on producing content for The Geist⁠—my brand new Medium-based journal space.

With a strong focus on all things storytelling, The Geist promises to be as informational as it is offbeat, off the wall, and weirdly entertaining.

This personal publication is a work in progress but as the months roll on, a wealth of eclectic articles will emerge from the woodwork, both from myself and hand-selected contributors from around the globe.

Fancy having a look? Hop on over toThe Geist and check it out. Speak to you soon.



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