Listen to my Verbal Spew

Plug ALERT. My newest piece of creative work is aliiiiive and kicking. It’s named ‘Verbal Spew’ and you can check it out on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and a mix of other outlets.

It’s only around seven-odd minutes long, making it a handy little commuter companion or a something to listen to when you’re on the toilet.

Yes, five tracks of verbal ‘spewings’ about the hilarity and futility of modern life — and how, in some way, we’re all tapped into it, for better or for worse.

The enitre thing pokes fun at existence— I’m also poking fun at myself (I’m just a flawed human, after all)—while celebrating the dumbfounding amusement of being on planet Earth.

Anyway, you can draw your own conclusions. Have a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


Effective brand management to put your business on the road to success

Guest post by Megan Cooper

Your brand identifies and differentiates your business in the marketplace. Branding works by stimulating people to have a positive view of your company, products or services.

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A clear branding goal will empower you to connect with people in a consistent, emotive, and meaningful way. The reason small businesses need effective branding is no mystery, but how to go about branding effectively and how to increase brand effectiveness are ever-evolving challenges.

This quick guide highlights a few ideas for good branding and brand management that can help you get your brand out there and stay on top of your game.

How Effective Branding Works

Branding supports marketing activities by creating a distinctive and memorable identity and attracting or promoting a sentimental connection to your customers and prospective customers.

Some branding tools help you build a common voice, image, and feel across multiple advertising and marketing platforms. A distinctive logo, strong search engine optimization, and a coordinated email and social media campaign are helpful in establishing or strengthening a brand. Your brand personality goes beyond names, products, and services to touch upon your customer’s experiences, personal history, and memories.

Target market segmentation based on your current customer base — for example, age and purchase history — helps you pinpoint and possibly leverage your brand’s business success. Add customer demographics based on social media data to increase your marketing focus.

Are your customers loyal? How do your customers talk about their experiences with your brand? Does your brand increase customer lifetime value? Answering these and other questions gives you a sense of how well your branding is working and where improvements or adjustments might be useful. 

Long-Term Brand Management

A deep dive into market trends and customer relationship databases can reveal more subtle customer acquisition and retention patterns and industry-wide market trends.

For detailed research and strategic planning, consider calling the professionals. Brand maintenance, increasing brand awareness, new brand positioning, rebranding, and brand evolution all point to the need for a comprehensive or strategic approach to brand management. Strengthen brand consistency across every aspect of your business operations, from initial brand messaging and outreach efforts to customer service.

Save valuable time and energy by investing in market research and strategic competitor analysis.

A data analytics dashboard, which supports close monitoring of customer sentiments through surveys and stratifying market segments with spatial and socioeconomic data, gathers all your brand monitoring tools, materials, and reports in one place. Editing and sharing branding materials among numerous employees and team members and co-marketing efforts among different companies require a coordinated approach.

You can convert and merge PPT to PDF to reduce layout and formatting changes during transfers and concentrate editing in one office rather than creating multiple versions. The central marketing and branding document storage hub helps you manage your brand assets.

Build Your Brand Momentum

Effective branding encompasses business strategy and operations and touches customers where they live. Capitalize on your brand positioning to reach new audiences and grow your business through increased brand awareness and brand management.

For more brand-boosting tips, check out this guide on making your web content more inclusive and accessible.

Improve collaboration and save time with these apps

A guest post from Lisa Walker.

If you’re an entrepreneur, finding the time to combine work and play can be a challenge. You deserve to have both a thriving business, the headspace to develop compelling brand content, and the freedom to spend time with your family or your hobbies without having to give up on either one. 

ZenBusiness lays out a few ways to create more time in both your work world and your personal life, but there are also apps specifically designed for maximising productivity and saving time.

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The habits and routines of highly creative people

When your job or vocation is fuelled by creativity, it’s only natural to worry about your resources running low.

Even the most creative among us will find themselves devoid of creative energy from time to time. And, while most of us will rediscover our creative mojo, when innovation is running on empty, fulfilling commitments or projects becomes almost impossible.

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inclusive content design

Making your content more accessible (infographic)

Recently, I gained a content design qualification. During the course, I connected with a section based on a subject very close to my heart—accessibility.

My beautiful son, Sidney, is autistic. In the past few years, as I’ve learned more about neurodiversity, bonded with my son, and become a SEND advocate, I’m beginning to understand just how vital accessibility and inclusion is in this world.

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Marketing action words to power up your content

Whether you’re crafting an email, writing a blog post or telling your brand story, your words matter.

To engage your reader and command attention, using the right words at the right time is essential.

When it comes to copywriting, certain words pack a powerful punch and as such, prompt action or evoke emotion. These are known as marketing action words.

Cramming your content with action words won’t necessarily make your content perform well. But, by taking the time to absorb these terms and understanding when to use them for maximum impact, you’re likely to see a big old spike in engagement (and ultimately, conversions).

I know you’re probably busy, so I won’t waffle on for long. I’ll simply leave you with this glossary of powerful marketing action words (use them as you wish):

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ANNOUNCEMENT: But ‘Not Every Room Has a View’ and support The British Red Cross

My novella, ‘Not Every Room Has a View’ was originally going to be published in some independent bookshops but due to the dreaded coronavirus, these plans have been set back.

But, if you live in The Potteries, you can rent the book at Newcastle under Lyme library and Hanley Central library.

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Thank you for supporting ‘Not Every Room Has a View’

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing my novella, ‘Not Every Room Has a View’ published in five parts in the one and only Noctis Magazine.

First of all, if you missed it and you’d like to give it a try, you can do so right here.

Secondly, if you’d like a full digital copy to read on the go, complete with a bonus story, you can do so by visiting the Not Every Room Has a View landing page. Continue reading